23-10-2018 - Peter Rosenbrand

The Dutch title of the book is “How the little angel came to earth”. It is a story, originally written in German by Hilda Herklotz, a pioneer in the Vrijeschool movement. It has the quality of a fairy tale or myth, simple but full of primal images. Actually, it is a story about the creation.

Through her experience as a Kindergarten teacher in the Waldorfchool, but also as a mother and now a grandmother, Janneke knows how young children recognize this story. It has also been shown how it can sometimes be a consolation for people who look back at the end of their lives, and thus “know that the great angel has kept their wings”.

Now everyone can get acquainted with “How the little angel came to earth”. Illustrations: Janneke Rosenbrand, translation from German: Els IJsselmuiden, 36 pages, price € 17.50 (excluding shipping costs). It can be ordered from our joint publisher Aan de Tijd via this link. An English translation can be ordered seperately.