Janneke has made three so-called slide shows, two of which are included here, namely Licht or in English You are the child of light and In search of Angels. Janneke writes about the first slide show (for the second just scroll down):

Then there is “Licht”; with the English subtitle “you are a child of the light”, a text that I encountered on one of my photos (mystery spot Montana). Originally, there were a number of images that I had included in the slide show Angels. But I wanted to deepen the category of light phenomena and make them more impersonal, more objective. To make it impersonal and objective ultimately did not succeed at all. It also became a journey again. Starting with the sunrise, images of early light in the morning, all kinds of light openings during the day – images of my work and our travels, even “false light”, the lights of the cars en route to Beek and Donk; ending with sunsets and the night (the lonely dog ​​on the roof, with moon). Over time, the personal images I found gave special personal suggestions: a window with light means to me: curiosity, expectation, new possibilities. All photos are made by myself and also have a personal memory and meaning for me. Like the light in my uncle’s workshop, the hallway in his old house, where I was staying as a child. The stained-glass window with sun and viking ship in the O.L.V. church in Maastricht, where grandchild Mathijs was baptized. The window in the workshop in the Goetheanum, where I had various encounters in 2010 and where I painted, (with a unique painting by Rudolf Steiner himself), a picture of my own grandchildren, a text I found with Marjolijn, which became a collage in our joint painting, with which the series then ends. It became a processing, also of personal emotions (the child that was never born, the sickbed of my mother). In this, the music of Arvo Pärt, Lamentate, could be fit extremely well. It makes everything very modest. (In the end she made another choice).

Again abstract and figurative here, photographs and paintings alternated. Everything own work. 150 images !! (that is the maximum!) and it takes 12 minutes …… ..

About the music I’ve been looking for:  a lively correspondence arose with Annelies Rhebergen when I asked her if I could use her compositions. I got her permission. So I used her music for In search of angels and You are a child of the light.

She wrote down the following about In search of angels

By making In search of angels I combined images of my own paintings with a single self-made photo of light phenomena. For example photos of light in water, where the movement or the shape of the stones are suggestive. In my own paintings I have painted both figurative, recognizable angels, inspired by art history, and more abstract. But always inwardly translated, never copied. Sometimes I also made photographs of my own abstract work, in which the light-dark drama also reminded me of passing light beings. It all came about very intuitively, even though it was thought about very well – or “thoughtful”?
When searching for the images, a number of “catchwords” came to me. Many of these words start with a w or l, where you can think of transient wind, running and moving water, light and air. Also the p of protection, movement, consciousness. And L and V = Love!
Touch, movement, protection, consciousness, light, air, love, change, movement (metamorphosis), connection, mystery, elevation, joy, fire, (wings and birds), wind, water, and so there are of course more, but the l and w win it …….
I do not feel that you can really grasp the world of angels, although there are many stories about light appearances, touches and even conversations with beings in human form. In a single situation it comes very tangibly close, like -in my own experience- that time when I got a push in my back from an “angel” when I had to run just before an oncoming car that did not see me in the dark. Sometimes the images come in dreams. Sometimes it is just a “knowing”. So when I represent them, I do not pretend to give the ultimate form to this, it is and remains a quest in a constantly moving and changing whole. And I keep listening, because there is also the music, the world of sounds …